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Gardening just got a lot more exciting!! With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, our Complete Cannabis Gardening Kits are completely legal, and way more fun than growing cilantro!

No need to look over your shoulder, no need to enter a dispensary, we're here to provide a friendly and accessible way to grow cannabis successfully at home.

"I can't believe it's that easy!"

"I'd never grown cannabis before, actually I've never grown anything successfully before, and am a serial plant killer, but I did it! This is seriously the most fun you can have gardening, and this product is ideal for any newbie like me who wants to get started but has no idea where to begin. The grow tent was simple enough to assemble (like 10 minutes), and the planting literally could not be easier. Plus I LOVE that you get texts with tips and videos on how to grow. I'm hooked!"

"This saves me SO much money!!"

"I am a pretty regular user of cannabis, since I turned 30 and realized I could smoke instead of drink, and have a great time and feel a million times better the next day! An ounce is like $200 at a dispensary, and I grew 3 ounces with my very first plant! So now it's extra relaxing because not only to you get to enjoy cannabis, but you're also saving SO much money!!"


In a little over 3 months I grew a gigantic bush of a plant... in my apartment... in Manhattan... I mean this is insane, check out the photo of how much my single plant grew! I am now having so much fun experimenting with new recipes, pastries, and cannabis cocktails. I can't wait to try a new variety and explore more! Thanks for making it so simple to grow weed!

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Grow up to $2,500 worth of homegrown harvests each year, without having to step foot in a dispensary

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Safe, fun, legal, and did we mention it's the most fun you can have gardening?