Refund Policy

Hello Lush Family!

At Lush, we proudly stand behind the quality of our products. But before buying, please understand that while Lush will make getting your grow started as easy as possible, growing still takes work. You’ll need to give your plants some regular TLC to make sure they grow up strong and healthy. And if you choose to grow outdoors, mother nature can be unpredictable. Weird weather and wild squirrels come with the territory.

Greenthumb Guarantee

If any of your seed pods fail to grow, we’ll replace them, even if its not our fault. Lush uses only the highest quality, premium seeds from our partners at the world-famous Humboldt Seed Co., and they have a germination rate of 90%, so we expect about 1 in 10 seeds not to germinate. If your seed doesn’t sprout within 10 days, just email and we’ll get a replacement sent out to you asap. Hang on to the old seed! We’ll send a stamped envelope for you to return it to our factory. Note, the #1 reason seeds don't sprout is overwatering. Be super gentle when watering during the first week. And follow the instructions that come with your kit. 

Return Policy

At Lush, we build every kit to order. Because of the custom and organic nature of our products, we unfortunately can’t accept returns or exchanges. But we will always replace any seed pod that doesn’t sprout, even if it’s not our fault. Just email us at, and we'll get you back to growing in no time. 

Order Changes And Cancellations

Because of the custom nature of our products (we build every Lush product custom to order), we unfortunately can’t accept cancellations or changes to your order once it has been placed. Please review your order carefully before checking out.

Gift Cards, Fertilizer, and Accessories

We unfortunately cannot accept returns of gift cards, fertilizer and accessories

Damaged Product Replacement

We inspect every product before it leaves our factory, ensuring you’ll always receive your Lush product in excellent condition. But in the very rare case you receive a damaged product, please contact us immediately. Let us know within 48 hours of receiving your product that something’s not right, and we’ll do our best to replace it quickly. But after 48 hours have passed since receipt, we can unfortunately no longer provide replacements. Please contact us at to report a damaged product. 

Warranty Coverage

Lush grow tents come with a limited warranty covering manufacturer defects. All other Lush products do not come with a warranty. Seeds  are covered by our Greenthumb Guarantee, which is described above.

Helping Your Garden Grow

Every Lush kit we build comes with a QR code. Scan those codes! They’ll take you to a guide on our website with step-by-step instructions on how to care for the plants in your garden. But remember, growing a healthy garden is up to you! Water those plants! Give them the love and care they need to succeed!

If you're having trouble with the QR codes, or can't locate the instructions we included with your order, visit

Thank You!

We started Lush because we love gardening, and we wanted to make growing at home easy for everyone. From all of us here in Middlebury, Vermont, we truly hope your new Lush helps you along in your gardening journey, and we can’t wait to watch you grow.

With Love and Broccoli,

The Lush Team