Who says enjoying cannabis has to burn a hole in your pocket? At Lush Garden, we're here to help you green up your thumbs and your bank account! So, stop sitting in traffic while you drive to the dispensary, to wait in a line, to buy overpriced hyped up products. Instead, the choice is clear. Want to do some quick math with us?

Lush Garden = $420 (cuz, lol)

1 oz of flower at a dispensary, on average = $200

In 3 months, a Lush Garden will yield 1-3oz of flower

Lush Garden Refills (new container, soil, seed pod, nutrients) = $99.99

So, if you follow the directions, you could grow 4 Lush Gardens per year, get up to 3oz per grow, which equals 12oz which is a dispensary value of $2,400. 

SO to recap... grow up to $2,400 worth of cannabis, in the comfort of your home, and enjoy tips, tutorials, recipes, and homegrown harvests, for just $720.



Prepare for some garden puns and a bloomin' good time as we cultivate cost-effective cannabis gardening!

Seeds of Wisdom: Starting with Smart Savings

Saving money begins right from the seed stage! There's a ton of different plant varieties out there, and while they might have fun names and stellar reviews, they might be the worst possible plant to grow at home. We start with the best of the best, the créme de la crop, the plants we know you will grow successfully. We use the absolute best feminized auto-flowering genetics that are sure to grow lush female plants with the biggest yields in the shortest timeframe.  



Let There be Light

Indoor gardening kits come in many shapes and sizes, some that can take over your spare bedroom or even an entire garage, and are capable of growing 10 plants at once! We designed our product to grow a single plant at a time, because let's face it, our plants yield up to 3oz per 3-month grow, and unless you're Cheech and Chong you'll be hard pressed to consume one ounce of cannabis per month while you wait for your next plant to be ready for harvest. Having an economically-sized garden means that we can power it with smaller and more cost-effective components, that will yield lush harvests, without impacting your utility bill. 

We Did The Expensive Trial & Error, So You Don't Have To

At the most basic level, it's easy to understand that growing cannabis at home is WAY cheaper than buying overpriced, overtaxed buds at a dispensary, and way less stabby than buying it in the back alley. But there's infinite nuisances to growing the perfect plant... You need the right soil, the right pH balance, the right nutrients on the right schedule, with the right pest management, the right UV wavelengths, and the right thinning, trimming, and trellising protocols to train that picture perfect plant. If you're doing that research yourself, it's not only time intensive, but it's SUPER expensive and when you mess up and kill your plant, you've just wasted your entire investment. Thankfully for you, we've done this work for you, we've helped over 150,000 customers grow their own plants at home, and we've put together the ultimate home gardening package so you can grow with confidence!



So stop overpaying for overpriced and overtaxed products. Enjoy cheaper, better, and way more rewarding cannabis when you grow it yourself! 

Start gardening with Lush Garden today!