Home Grow Kit

Step into an Italian café with this creamy vanilla strain, and embrace the full-bodied flavor of this exceptionally soothing variety. It's complex flavor profile can be enjoyed anyway you prefer, but it's potent vanilla flavor makes it a staple in any cannabis culinary creation!


Avg. Days To Harvest: 80

We make it ridiculously easy

Everything You Need

We're not kidding! Our Indoor Grow Kit gives you everything you need to enjoy bountiful homegrown harvests.

Top Shelf Genetics

We source the most popular, fastest growing, feminized autoflowering varieties, and embed them in a nutrient-rich dissolvable seed pod. #science

Grow Green, Save Green

Our gardens typically grow between 1-3 ounces every 3 months, giving you the ability to grow up to 12 ounces per year... which would be $2,400 at a dispensary!

"I can't believe it's that easy!"

"I'd never grown cannabis before, actually I've never grown anything successfully before, and am a serial plant killer, but I did it! This is seriously the most fun you can have gardening, and this product is ideal for any newbie like me who wants to get started but has no idea where to begin. The grow tent was simple enough to assemble (like 10 minutes), and the planting literally could not be easier. Plus I LOVE that you get texts with tips and videos on how to grow. I'm hooked!"


In a little over 3 months I grew a gigantic bush of a plant... in my apartment... in Manhattan... I mean this is insane, check out the photo of how much my single plant grew! I am now having so much fun experimenting with new recipes, pastries, and cannabis cocktails. I can't wait to try a new variety and explore more! Thanks for making it so simple to grow weed!

"I'm now the cool dad!"

"I'm a busy parent, I got this as a gift from my wife, and I thought that it would be way too much work and would collect dust in the garage... I was super impressed with the instructions and how easy it was to set up and get growing. The best thing is that I've now learned how to make cannabutter, infuse oils and honey, and all my friends keep asking me to host another dinner party! Who knew that gardening would make me the cool dad!?"

Let's Compare

Who knew that being this fiscally responsible could be oh so enjoyable?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Lush Garden different from other growing kits?

Lush Garden is built on the framework of Seedsheet™️, a Shark Tank success that has sold hundreds of thousands of gardens to happy customers across the country. Now we're bringing our technology to cannabis, and providing a complete start to finish, seed to smoke, plug and plant product that includes literally everything you need to successfully grow at home.

We strive to be the economical, educational, and approachable solution to grow cannabis at home. If you want to grow pounds of cannabis, we're not a good fit. If you want to have a completely automated experience, we're not your cup of tea. But, if you want to make gardening ridiculously easy, learn a ton of new skills and techniques that will transcend into other gardening applications too, while also experiencing the joy and satisfaction of growing something yourself, then we might be your new best buds.... #doubleentendre

Are Cannabis Seeds Included?

Yes! We are proud to source the highest quality of femenized autoflowering genetics available, so you can grow with confidence and know that your plants will reach maturity as quickly as possible.

Lush Garden's include a plantable sheet with a dissolvable seed pod, which includes your specified strain seeds nestled in a bed of nutrient rich soil. Simply place the plantable sheet atop your container of soil, add water, and watch as the pod dissolves and your seed germinates.

Wait, is that legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill designates any cannabis product with less than 0.3% THC as hemp, and legalized hemp production, sales, and shipment. All Lush Garden seeds are below 0.2% THC content, and are legal to ship to all states excluding Idaho, New Hampshire, Mississippi, or South Dakota.

What's actually included?

When we say everything is included, we mean it.

  • Indoor Grow Tent with metal frame, thick fabric cover, and reflective interior
  • Self-Cooling full-spectrum LED Grow Light, we literally ship you a sun
  • Exhaust and odor filtration system, directional fan and carbon air-filter prevents your apartment from smelling like a Willy Nelson concert
  • Rope Trellis to help train wide bushy plants to maximize yield
  • Electric timer to ensure consistent and adequate light cycling
  • Watering nozzle that fits any recycled water bottle
  • Pruning Shears
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Fabric Garden Container with air-pruning technology
  • Water-catching saucer
  • Nutrient-rich soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Plantable garden sheet with dissolvable seed pod
  • Cannabis Seed
  • Smart HarvestHelper notifications to track your progress and guide your growth
  • Jealous neighbors,
Will it fit in my house?

We designed our products to take up minimal space while prodiving maximal harvest. Other grow tents might fit 4-8 plants at a time, but they are huge and unsightly and unless your Cheech and Chong it will yield waaaaaay more than you could consume. Lush Gardens are an economical 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 feet tall, small enough to fit in a living room or office, or even in a closet, but large enough for you to harvest 2 ounces of cannabis each grow.

Will this add to my utility bill?

No! We use the latest cutting-edge components that are extremely efficient and have minimal power draw. Gone are the days of huge high-powered-sodium lights that drain your electricity and heat up your house, now we use LED grow lights to provide full spectrum photosynthesis without adding to your utilities bill.

Don't seeds need to be all male or female, or something about light?

There's a lot of mystery around growing cannabis, and a lot of misleading and unitelligable instructions out there in the reddit rabbithole. It used to be illegal to grow, so it makes sense that most people don't know how to do it! That's why we're here to help. We've chosen the fastest and easiest to grow varieties possible, we've assembled the most intuitive gardening kit ever, and we provide step by step educational content to teach you how to grow successfully.

How long does it take to grow?

We select the fastest growing and most popular strains so that you can enjoy as many large harvests as possible throughout the year. On average, our plants are ready for harvest 55-80 days after planting, so it's possible to grow 3-4 times per year.

Do you have a guarantee?

We proudly offer a guarantee for a free replacement seed so long as photographic proof is submitted no later than 30 days after the purchase. We source seeds that have extremely high germination rates, so faulty germination is exceptionally rare and will be immediately remedied once proven legitimate.