Home Grow Container Kit

This kit includes everything you need to grow cannabis outdoors, or indoors with a grow tent (grow tent not included).


  • Premium Fabric Container
  • Nutrient-rich soil, specially formulated for cannabis
  • Two types of fertilizer: one for each phase of your plant’s growth
  • Plantable Seedsheet with embedded seed pod for easy planting
  • Premium Cannabis Seed from Humboldt Seed Company
  • Misting nozzle to make watering a breeze
  • Water-catching saucer to prevent overwatering 
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Expert support 
  • Greenthumb guarantee
  • Does not include grow tent

Keep The Good Times Growing!

Lush Garden - Cannabis - Elements-first shipment.png


Enjoy continuous year-round growing with your Premium Lush Garden Cannabis Kit!


Fast-maturing genetics maximize the number of harvests you can enjoy each year.


Your Refill Kit will come with everything to start your next grow, just choose which new strain you want to try!

"I can't believe it's that easy!"

"I'd never grown cannabis before, actually I've never grown anything successfully before, and am a serial plant killer, but I did it! This is seriously the most fun you can have gardening, and this product is ideal for any newbie like me who wants to get started but has no idea where to begin. The grow tent was simple enough to assemble (like 10 minutes), and the planting literally could not be easier. Plus I LOVE that you get texts with tips and videos on how to grow. I'm hooked!"


In a little over 3 months I grew a gigantic bush of a plant... in my apartment... in Manhattan... I mean this is insane, check out the photo of how much my single plant grew! I am now having so much fun experimenting with new recipes, pastries, and cannabis cocktails. I can't wait to try a new variety and explore more! Thanks for making it so simple to grow weed!

"I'm now the cool dad!"

"I'm a busy parent, I got this as a gift from my wife, and I thought that it would be way too much work and would collect dust in the garage... I was super impressed with the instructions and how easy it was to set up and get growing. The best thing is that I've now learned how to make cannabutter, infuse oils and honey, and all my friends keep asking me to host another dinner party! Who knew that gardening would make me the cool dad!?"