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Everything You Need To Grow Cannabis At Home for only $60/ounce

Premium seeds from Humboldt Seed Company

Grow 3 oz. in 6-12 weeks

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Cannabis Home Grow Kit

Everything you need to grow your own, and we mean everything.






Select Your Strain:

Vanilla Latte (THC 25-30%)

Trainwreck (THC 22%)

Mango Sherbert (THC 26%)

Strawberry Cheesecake (THC 29%)

Emerald Fire (THC 25%)

OG Kush (THC 24%)

Caramel Cream (THC 25%)

Sour Diesel (THC 20%)

All Gas OG (THC 21%)

Dream Queen (THC 23%)

Jelly Donutz (THC 35%)

Grow Your Cannabis At Home In 2 Simple Steps

Get your Grow Tent and Garden

Grow 3 OZ. for $420 = $140/oz


Buy a Refill Garden Every 3 Months

Grow 3 OZ. for $99 = $33/oz!!


Grow your own, and save $$$


Your Complete Growth Kit


Top Shelf Genetics


Real-time Tips at Your Fingertips


Grow $3,700 Worth Every Year!


Lush vs. Dispensary

Enjoy way more, for waaaay less

Complete Grow Kit

Premium Seeds Included

Avg Amount of Cannabis Per Year


12 oz.




Limited Time Only

Yes, this is "That" Viral Garden

*Products pictured are way more fun than they appear

Shark-Approved Design

We invented a way for anyone to start a successful garden, and it got a deal on Shark Tank!

Cannabis seeds embedded in dissolvable seed pods, like a laundry pod, but for plants!

Dissolvable pods are sealed into a plantable weed-blocking fabric sheet

Simply place the sheet on top of soil, and you plant the right seed, at the right depth, with the right nutrients!

No need to start seeds in wet paper, no need to transplant, just simple & successful in-ground growing!

Insanely awesome seeds with +95% germination rates

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What They’re Cooking and Mixing

I've grown over $3,000 worth of weed at home, and learned how to make insanely delicious recipes with my harvests!

- Tommy R.

Verified Buyer

Probably the sexiest meal ever: raw oysters with a cannabis-infused mignonette sauce and bottle of rosé.

Easy and amazing!

- Kirsten B.

Verified Buyer

I'm a bartender and cocktail content creator, and I'm telling you, this cannabis gin fiz was next level! I love all the fun ways you can use weed!

- Samarah F.

Verified Buyer

Boozy Weedcicles? Yes please! This was the perfect treat on hot summer days, and SO easy to make!

- Lyla C.

Verified Buyer

Got questions? We’ve got answers

We are here to help your garden grow (like a) weed.

Lush Garden is built on the framework of Seedsheet™️, a Shark Tank success that has sold hundreds of thousands of gardens to happy customers across the country. We exist to help people grow successful home gardens. Now we're bringing that technology to cannabis, and providing a complete start to finish, seed to smoke, plug and plant product that includes literally everything you need to successfully grow at home.

We strive to be the economical, educational, and approachable solution to grow cannabis at home. If you want to grow pounds of cannabis, we're not a good fit. If you want to have a completely automated experience, we're not your cup of tea. But, if you want to make gardening ridiculously easy, learn a ton of new skills and techniques that will transcend into other gardening applications too, while also experiencing the joy and satisfaction of growing something yourself, then we might be your new best buds.... #doubleentendre

One Ounce of Cannabis In the US costs $318.74!

With Lush, you'll pay as low as $33 an ounce...